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The Team Health Pulse Check

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The Team Dashboard helps team leaders and team coaches get a quick and easy readout about how the team is doing.  The ten-question survey yields a one-page dashboard that is a targeted entry point to a discussion about the team’s effectiveness.

The Team Dashboard is a quick and easy snapshot of a team’s effectiveness.  We ask team members the ten questions that our research has revealed gets at the essence of how a team is doing.

Data is presented in any easy to use format with plotting of Team Leader score and Team Member average score as well as presentation of percent agreement and percent disagreement score.

Is the Team Dashboard right for your team?  The Team Dashboard is suitable for complex teams or groups. Complex teams meet, discuss issues, and make decisions.  They do real work to achieve a common goal and get things done.

Team size does not matter although we typically see teams in the 5 to 15 range. The Team Dashboard is useful in the private sector, public sector, or non-profits.  The Team Dashboard works equally well for cross-cultural and global teams.

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Key Highlights

  • Easy to use – no certification or training required
  • Takes 2-minutes for team members to complete the 10-question multiple choice survey
  • Team Dashboard report includes one-page dashboard of results and coaching plans for key development areas
  • Useful for complex teams such as management teams, cross-functional teams, functional teams, operational teams, project teams, and virtual teams
  • Suitable for high performing teams, teams moving from good to great, dysfunctional teams, or teams with a new leader
  • Designed for quarterly, semi-annual, or annual progress reviews
  • Email us about volume discounts
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We used the TEP for our team offsite, and it was highly useful for analyzing our team’s effectiveness.  We had a spirited discussion and did a deep dive into six or so areas of opportunity.  We left the offsite clear about our commitments for improvement.  I’d highly recommend it.

Katherine Morris, VP Product Management and Content, Khan Academy


Do you offer debrief or team working session facilitation?2024-01-24T16:06:46-07:00

We would be happy to speak with you about facilitation.  Please email us at

I am a consultant who works with teams. What support can you offer me?2024-01-24T16:09:02-07:00

Developing relationships with consultants who work with many teams is strategic for us, so we are invested in helping you ramp up with the tool.  Please email us at so we can learn more about your needs.

What are the benefits of the Team Dashboard?2024-01-23T13:09:20-07:00

The Team Dashboard provides insights about how a team functions, promotes the team’s self-awareness, is developmental for team members, and lays the foundation for team action items for improvement.

How did you develop the Team Dashboard?2024-01-24T16:07:37-07:00

We developed the Team Dashboard items over many years, narrowing down the essential items that informed our team coaching work.  We did an exhaustive review of the academic research, and we fine-tuned the items. We then put it into the field for use with our clients. Once it met our high standards, we introduced the Team Dashboard to a global audience.

My CIO or IT administrator has questions about IT security? Is the Team Dashboard secure and compliant?2024-01-23T13:13:10-07:00

The security of our clients’ information is mission critical for us. To assist us in delivering the highest level of service, we work with one of the most prominent information security and privacy and intellectual property legal teams in the U.S. With their assistance, we do our utmost to protect the confidential information we receive from our clients and to make sure we are in compliance with the privacy laws of every jurisdiction in which we operate, especially the EU’s GDPR which sets among the highest standards we have seen in protecting individuals’ privacy.

How long do you recommend for a Team Dashboard working session with the team?2024-01-23T13:15:24-07:00

We recommend setting aside an hour to discuss the Team Dashboard and its implications.  This can be part of a regularly scheduled meeting or as part of an offsite.

Is the Team Dashboard suitable for my team?2024-01-22T22:43:10-07:00

The Team Dashboard is best suited for what we call complex teams. Complex teams need to meet, debate topics, and make decisions. They are responsible to the execution of the decisions made. So, there is an element of working with ideas to get things done that is central.

Teams that are well suited to the Team Dashboard are management teams, cross-functional teams, functional teams, operational teams, project teams, and virtual teams.

Teams that are probably not well suited are airplane flight crews, Navy SEAL teams, jazz ensembles, and sports teams.

How are the scores tabulated? Average? Are they weighted?2024-01-24T16:07:26-07:00

Data for each of the 10 items is presented as an average score, percent agree, percent disagree, and a plot of the team leader score and the team member average score.

What type of scale is used?2024-01-22T22:43:38-07:00

The Team Dashboard uses a five-point Likert scale. The scale points are Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neither agree nor disagree, Agree, and Strongly Agree.

Is the Team Dashboard available in other languages?2024-01-22T22:43:49-07:00

At present, the Team Dashboard is only available in English. If you have a high volume need for your organization, please make the case to us and we will do our best to fast track development in your language.

Does it cost extra to add an additional team member to the project?2024-01-24T16:06:58-07:00

The Team Dashboard costs $100 per team, so there is no additional cost to adding team members.

What happens after I purchase the Team Dashboard?2024-01-22T22:44:30-07:00

You will be asked to complete a form to setup your team assessment and establish login credentials to the Assessing in Action online platform. The project setup form will ask you questions such as the company name, the team name, the desired completion deadline, and the number of team members.

How will the email addresses I provide be used?2024-01-24T16:08:50-07:00

We will not email anyone at any point in the process. The email addresses will not be given to any party.

How are team members invited to take the survey?2024-01-24T16:07:11-07:00

Once you complete the team setup, you will receive a project startup email. This email will include a custom URL link, draft language for your email invitation, which will include the deadline, as well as confirming your project setup. You will then email the participants from your company email account. We have you send the email because it reduces to zero the risk of emails going into SPAM folders.

Can team members take the survey on mobile devices?2024-01-22T22:45:49-07:00

The Team Dashboard survey is fully mobile-responsive and can be taken from any mobile device.

My team has two team leaders. Is that ok?2024-01-22T22:46:00-07:00

The Team Dashboard is equally valid for multiple team leaders. The team leader score averages the scores of the multiple team leaders. You can set the co-team leaders when configuring the Team Dashboard report for download.

A team member took the survey and then wanted to retake it? Is this possible?2024-01-24T16:06:14-07:00

You can ask the team member to use the same link to take it again. When we configure the team to produce the report, be sure not to select both records for the participant (selecting only the most recent record).

How will I get my team’s report?2024-01-22T22:46:27-07:00

You may login to the AinA Platform to configure and download your Team Dashboard report at any time.


Businesses operate with financial data, which tells them about their financial health. Doctors prescribe lab tests, which tells them about our medical health.

Yet most teams operate without data about their team’s health. Team leaders are doing their best but lack the tools to take their teams to the next level.

There is a better way.

Join countless other teams to do a team pulse check and take the first step towards team health and high performance.

Take the Team Health Pulse Check with the Team Dashboard

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