The Team Dashboard helps team leaders and team coaches get a quick and easy readout about how the team is doing.  The ten -question survey yields a one-page dashboard that is a targeted entry point to a discussion about the team’s effectiveness.

The Team Dashboard is a quick and easy snapshot of a team’s effectiveness.  We ask team members the ten questions that our research has revealed gets at the essence of how a team is doing.

Data is presented in any easy to use format with plotting of Team Leader score and Team Member average score as well as presentation of percent agreement and percent disagreement score.

Is the Team Dashboard right for your team?  The Team Dashboard is suitable for complex teams or groups. Complex teams meet, discuss issues, and make decisions.  They do real work to achieve a common goal and get things done. Team size does not matter although we typically see teams in the 5 to 15 range. The Team Dashboard is useful in the private sector, public sector, or non-profits.  The Team Dashboard works equally well for cross-cultural and global teams.

Key Highlights

  • Easy to use – no certification or training required
  • Takes 2-minutes for team members to complete the 10-question multiple choice survey
  • Team Dashboard report includes one-page dashboard of results and coaching plans for key development areas
  • Useful for complex teams such as management teams, cross-functional teams, functional teams, operational teams, project teams, and virtual teams
  • Suitable for high performing teams, teams moving from good to great, dysfunctional teams, or teams with a new leader
  • Designed for quarterly, semi-annual, or annual progress reviews
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