ASSESSING IN ACTION delivers an integrated suite of tools that prepare
leaders, teams, and organizations for today’s challenges.

Tools:  Learning Contexts that Promote Inquiry and Dialogue

With our tools, we have endeavored to make accessible our professional mastery as change agents, leadership consultants, team interventionists, and executive coaches.  By reflecting on our practice, we have been able to imbue our tools with the complexity and nuance that we bring in bespoke engagements.

We have designed the tools to create a learning environment for the user that promotes self-discovery and leads to more effective, ethical, and transforming action.  We know from our experience that when we use our tools with our clients, it is possible to have different and more powerful conversations than we normally experience without them.

The tools become a bridge to advanced inquiry and dialogue that helps the consultant or coach and individual or team to go deeper into examining the phenomena of leader effectiveness, team development, or organizational change.

We have built a proprietary platform to design and administer surveys, apply complex analysis and conditional logic, and customizable report automation.  Many of our innovations in how to administer the surveys through the platform come from our decades of experience using other platforms, which often created stress because of unreliability or inefficiency.  We know from experience that every touchpoint with clients and respondents needs to be highly professional and respectful of their time.

Improving upon the overall experience of users on the platform is central to our offering.

Our Suite of Tools:

Designed for Effectiveness, Transformation, and Observation

Our tools are integrative but also can be used singularly or in combination.  They underpin our novel approach to change management engagements, leadership development programs, learning and development workshops, and coaching projects.    

The Effectiveness suite of tools are designed to provide a consultant or coach with a snapshot view of the drivers of a leader’s, team’s, or organization’s performance.  These tools are intended to meet leaders and executives “where they are”, with terms and language that is easily relatable and understandable. Each of the tools can be administered to an individual as a self-assessment, particularly useful in coaching or leadership development programs.  For bigger impact, each tool can be administered as a multi-rater 360-feedback survey. We consider the Effectiveness suite to be the gateway into our approach to leader, team, and organizational development.

The Transformation suite of tools are more progressive and serve multiple purposes.  These tools illuminate subtle patterns of awareness and advanced leadership skill sets (such as team dynamics intervention, transformational leadership, and adaptive leadership) that allow a change consultant or leader to expand their repertoire in assessing in action and taking action to disrupt and improve subtle leadership, team, and organizational change dynamics.  Each can be administered as a self-assessment profile as well as a multi-rater feedback profile.

The Team Dynamics Observation Tool (Team DOT), is an app that runs on a tablet and allows the user to track real-time team or group dynamics, including speaker airtime, power-authority dynamics, gender dynamics, and team dynamics (roles, languages, and system) and generates post-meeting analytics and slides. It can be used either in service of team effectiveness or as an assessing-in-action training tool in a leadership development program.

Menu of Tools

Leader Effectiveness Profile

The Leader Effectiveness Profile (LEP) is a self-assessment and 360-feedback tool designed to help executives and leaders assess the drivers of their current effectiveness and where they might improve.


Team Effectiveness Profile

The Team Effectiveness Profile (TEP) is a multi-rater feedback tool designed to help team leaders and change agents assess the drivers of a team’s effectiveness and how it might improve. 


Organizational Effectiveness Profile

The Organizational Effectiveness Profile (OEP) is a employee survey tool designed to help executive teams assess the drivers of an organization’s effectiveness and where to focus improvement efforts.  


Team Dynamics Profile

The purpose of the TDP is to make the drivers of team dynamics visible to team leaders, team members, and the coaches who work with teams as well as to improve the self-awareness of team leaders and team members to see dynamics and modify their behavior to create more productive conversations.


High Stakes Profile

The High Stakes Profile illuminates how an individual’s behavior changes as the stakes rise in change situations.  The HSP provides insight about what triggers high stakes reactive patterns as well as helping individual’s better understand their heroic archetypes and reactive patterns.


Leading Individuals Profile

The Leading Individuals Profile (LIP) is a self-profile and multi-rater feedback profile focused on optimizing leader-member effectiveness in one-to-one situations.


Leading Teams Profile

The Leading Teams Profile (LTP) is a self-profile and multi-rater feedback profile focused on helping leaders of teams to better understand their real-time choices in building their teams. 


Leading Change Profile

The Leading Change Profile (LCP) is a self-profile and multi-rater feedback profile focused on optimizing leader effectiveness in change situations.



“Real-Time Tracking of Dynamics”

Team Dynamics Observation Tool 

The Team Dynamics Observation Tool (Team DOT) is a tablet-enabled app that helps the user track the dynamics of a meeting.