We help individuals, teams, and organizations enhance their performance and unlock their potential. 

We have exceptionally high standards for client service and remain laser focused on creating value for our clients.  We put our clients first and hold ourselves and our Facilitator partners to the highest standards of integrity in all of our interactions.

Our journey with you began when you recognized an opening to develop a whole new way of looking at people, teams, and organizations, different from the rest of what is already out there in the business world.

Sometimes the trigger that creates this opening is a crisis and other times it is a massive opportunity. We offer you support in transforming this opening to create a breakthrough for yourself and your teams.

Yes, we offer tangible tools and programs.  But the real power comes when the wielder of the tool transforms themselves into a vehicle – a model — for fully manifesting the power of the tool. 

In other words, using the tools help you shift not only the external environment into a more cohesive and high-functioning collective, you’re also changing yourself in the process.

Our workshops will provide you with the space to develop mastery in a safe environment where you can make the mistakes and ask the questions that are needed to achieve rapid learning and growth. You’ll get to mastery faster and more effortlessly than you think.

We will then coach you as you apply your learning to achieve your goals in your organization.  Our tools and workshops are built to scale easily, and we will work with you to explore how you can be an agent of change in your organization.  

In the end you’ll address the challenge or seize the opportunity that brought you to us in a grounded and powerful manner that delivers results.


HR Professionals


We invite human resource professionals, which includes anyone in organizations responsible for developing leaders, teams, talent, or the organization as a whole, to explore our tools, curriculum, workshops, and programs.

Our core team and our community of independent contractors who have demonstrated mastery or proficiency with the tools and curriculum are standing by to partner with you to develop individual leaders, teams, and cohorts of leaders.

Should you wish to arm your internal consultants and change agents with our tools and curriculum, we would be happy to discuss with you our experience with designing and delivering custom train-the-trainer certification programs.  We have served some of the largest institutions in the world as well as high-growth startups, on most continents, and in both the private and public sectors.

What sets us apart from many firms that provides tools, curriculum, and programs is that our core team has extensive experience serving the C-level in large enterprises and start-ups and are intimately familiar with importance of quality, reliability, and communicating at an executive level.


As a facilitator and/or trainer you have deep relationships with your clients.  Your clients invest in their relationship with you because they have faith that you will get them to a higher level of performance. As a member of our community of certified facilitators and trainers you will gain access to a fully integrated system of tools and curriculum materials that support you in staying focused on generating breakthroughs with your clients.

Our tools and curriculum materials can be deployed individually or as part of an extended program, and through our process of certification you will get the support you to help you deploy our tools and curriculum materials in a manner that deepens and extends your relationships with your clients.

Our certification process is powerful, efficient, and convenient.  Graduates are connected with a community of colleagues using our system of tools and curriculum materials in organizations of all sizes and in a wide range of industries across the globe.

We invite you to reach out to us to become a part of our community of facilitators and trainers.

Manager and Team Member


As the leader of a team you succeed by getting your team to deliver far more together than they could separately.  The synergy possible through teaming does not consistently happen by accident. Great managers invest in themselves and their team members to unlock far more than the sum of each individual’s effort.

Our effectiveness suite of tools supports managers in in engaging this challenge in a systematic and thorough manner.  You will understand how you occur to others as a leader and how your team occurs to the members of the team. The profiles you get by using our tools provide actionable feedback that will improve your leadership game.

Our transformation suite of tools provides a shared language to talk about individual and team dynamics in real time.  You and your team will become more aware and mindful of the dynamics of team interactions and individual psychology. This heightened self-awareness will support you and your team members in noticing when your behavioral patterns are appropriate to the external challenges you face and when they need to be disrupted.